George the Printmaker


George Gilmour is an artist printmaker most recognised for his vibrant and graphical prints.

George has had several career reincarnations, lived in many places and seen a lot of things – as an opera singer, insurance professional and now the next phase, printmaker.

Along with printmaking George’s has a deep interest in Nāda yoga, Permaculture and Garden.

Now resident in an ecovillage on the Central Coast north of Sydney, Australia, where he lives with his husband Mark and their two Australian Mist cats, Peach and Zelda, George has been creating and showcasing his artwork since 2012.

He works mainly with collagraph and is fascinated by shape, patterns, graphical forms and line. As a collagraph printmaker he is constantly amazed by the unexpected ways that random materials hold and transmit ink, coming together to form images.

He has no formal creative qualifications, but undertook many years of printmaking courses at both the Pine Street Creative Art Centre and the National Art School.  When he was twenty-one, his Mum, an art and music teacher, gave him a book on printmaking, saying that she thought the way he drew would be ideal for printmaking. It wasn’t until many years later, sadly after his Mum had passed away, whilst unpacking boxes of books after a house move, he came across the book again and thus began a love affair with printmaking. Mum was right!

Someone once said that printmaking is 90% process and 10% inspiration… well maybe not completely!… but the process part of printmaking definitely appeals to the analytical side of George’s brain.

George has exhibited at the Newsagency Gallery, the Global Gallery and most recently at the Arthouse.

In his art practice George seeks to examine philosophical, socio-political and ecological themes seeking to tell graphical stories.