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The Field Family Saga


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At present, there are seven books planned but I envisage that there will be more. They are; When it’s dark you can see stars, The Price of Repression, Field’s GoldThe Gilded CageFor Love or Money, Write me a line and take all my loveDeeds Not Words and  French Veneer

Genre: Historical Fiction (sub-genre LGBT)  

Abstract: My aim is to examine the ordinary lives of LGBT characters brought alive in recreated historical periods, to show that such LGBT relationships are socially normal, both in the present and throughout history. I aim to depict gay and lesbian characters as survivors, finding ways to live with and, to the extent possible, expressing their sexuality, despite the discrimination and prejudice pitted against them. My intention is to depict behaviours that were always present in history, whether or not these were socially and culturally condoned at the time.

Overarching Themes: The entire series looks broadly at discrimination and the treatment of difference as a constant in society; Race, sexuality and gender, in conflict with the religious and social value systems applicable to the times in which the stories are set.