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Hour of Destiny – Series

There is currently eight books planned for the Hour of Destiny series; Repression, Repression, Pursuit, Captive, Empire, Love or Duty, Empowerment, Veneer, Cabaret

After a few false starts, the first three will be published in 2020.

Genre: Historical Fiction (sub-genre LGBT) Definition: LGBT historical fiction novels – any novel length work featuring a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender protagonist, from any historical period. (Listopia)

Abstract: I want to examine those ordinary LGBT characters brought alive in recreated historical periods, to show that such LGBT relationships are socially normal, both in the present and throughout history. 

I want to write primarily about gay and lesbian characters as survivors, finding ways to live with and, to the extent possible, expressing their sexuality, despite the discrimination and prejudice pitted against them. 

My intention is to depict behaviours that were always present in history, whether or not these were socially and culturally condoned at the time. The intention is to provide glimpses or else matter-of-factly point to the characters’ sexual orientation. I do not want to make a huge deal out their sexuality, or overtly described sexual acts, which would defeat the created ‘sense of ordinariness’.

Overarching Themes

The entire series looks broadly at discrimination and the treatment of difference as a constant in society; Race, sexuality and gender, in conflict with the religious and social value systems applicable to the times in which the stories are set.

The main protagonist in each novel are all members of the Field family and are homosexual.  

The narrative story in each novel includes:

– the protagonist’s self discovery, self-realisation or avoidance 

– the consequences of being gay in conflict with the social morays of the time.