George the Printmaker

Time to more than survive as a creative artist!

Hi, Welcome to my blog, in which I will talk about what’s happening in my art practice.

I’m George 🙂 Print Maker, Nāda Yogi and Permaculturist. I live in an ecovillage on the Central Coast of New South Wales, about an hour north of Sydney, Australia. I live with my husband Mark and our two Australian Mist cats, Peach and Zelda… Well, actually, Princess Peach and Princess Zelda! Fun fact… I am a little obsessed with the colour orange!

Like many creatives, I was inspired by Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work. So, I’ve decided that 2023 is the year that I get serious about my art practice! I’ve had exhibitions and sold work in galleries and on the web but it’s time that I find ways to share my work more broadly and this blog is part of that process.

My intention is to write at least once a week about my art practice, inspirational people as well as all the things that connect with creatively and which feed my soul, body and mind. My next post will be a review of the techniques and mindset that Austin advocates for those of us who are apprehensive about putting our work out into the world.

So, With hundreds of millions of blogs out there, why would I want to add another blog to that vast sea of information? 

Why do I want to blog? I just want people to get to know me, what inspires me and what informs my art print practice.

If you would like to be the first to know when new posts appear perhaps you might like to subscribe to my email list. As a member of the list you will also be in line to receive offers and discounts on my art and associated products. You can sign up here.

I hope you will visit me again soon.

Wishing you health and happiness in 2023.

Ciao for now,


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