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In George’s Studio – January

Well, January is almost gone! How did that happen! Some of the items on my Printmaking To-Do list have been ticked off and so far I have kept up with my blogging… YAY… but there’s still plenty more to do.

I have been reading the amazing Rafi Perez’s books – The Rogue Artist’s Survival Guide, The Rogue Artist’s Art Marketing Guide and The Rogue Artist’s Money Guide. If like me, you are artist trying to make their way, I would strongly recommend all of them. Clear, no nonsense advice. I will blog about them in future blogs. I can also recommend Rafi & Klees You Tube Channel – Rafi Was Here

I think I now have my new website updated, looking better and my shop is set-up and displaying satisfactorily. I have now found a local printer who will be able to do high quality prints for my Digital Prints and can also provide some print-on-demand services for when I am away.

The next things still on my list are;

  • I want to take good quality photographs of my other completed print series and also get them into the shop and on to Instagram.
  • Finish set-up and optimise my social media presence – Face Book, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • I am also going to finish my Patreon Page and also implement #artistsupportpledge  on my Instagram page. Artist Support Pledge is a generous culture and dynamic economy in support of ALL artists and makers. Artists post pictures of their works for sale up to a certain value. Every time an artist makes £1,000 (or equivalent) in sales they commit 20% on purchasing the work of another artist using the hashtag. There are no enforcements, it is a system based on trust where everyone, at every level can contribute in supporting artists and makers. 
  • I am currently researching how I’ll go about making content and posting on my YouTube channel. I have all the tech I need, I just need to get my head around filming and editing.
  • I have two main projects for 2023-24. Both utilise two life support tools that I am passionate about – (1) the working title is “My Ikigai” – I will average one A4 sized print per week over the next year. Each print will be available for sale and the collected prints will ultimately culminate in a self-help book about the Japanese concept of Ikigai and my use of it (2) similar to “My Ikigai”, the second project is called “My Mantra”, one A4 print per week resulting in a book about Mantra and Nāda yoga.

Very shortly we are off to India – Rajasthan, Himal Pradesh and Punjab. A trip that has been a very long time in the making. I cannot wait to see what printmaking inspiration comes from that, partly for “My Mantra”!… stay tuned.

Until soon, ciao for now, 🙂 GG

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