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2019 – Disappearing Reef

Process: Collagraph Prints. Paper: Fabriano Rosapina Ink: Graphic Chemicals. Individual Prints – Plate Dimensions: 22cm H X 24cm W. Paper Size: 34cm H 37cm Wide. Edition: 25 Artist Book (10 plates) Dimensions: 42cm X 29cm Edition: 5

I remember the first time I visited The Great Barrier Reef; the sensory overload of colour, shape and movement. It was awe-inspiring, and it was Australian. As a printmaker who lives in Manly,  the sea shapes my life and inspires my creative practice. In Disappearing Reef I draw attention to the significant human impact on the reef. The serene thalo blue invokes the once pristine reef, and white heralds the spectre of coral bleaching with all of its consequences. Once the coral is dead, the reef will die and erode — habitat will be destroyed… Time is running out.