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City Nightfall

I have loved Kenneth Slessor’s poetry since I first studied it at high school. I find his imagery very graphical and therefore there was no shortage of wonderful opportunities for a printmaker. 

I responded to his multifaceted observations of the transformation that occurs as day transitions into night, the inexorable inevitability of that cycle, the “changing” of the urban guard as the night dwellers takeover and the references to urban decay, an issue that remains current.  Slessor refers to areas of inner Sydney such as King’s Cross and Darlingurst in many of his poems and I felt a strong sense of this in City Nightfall.

I like to work in series, coupling technique, material and colour to link together what can often be quite disparate themes. When working in series I also like to work within a restricted colour palette. The ink I used for this series is a beautiful Carbazole Violet made by the American firm of Rudolph Faust. I found the tin of this ink tucked away in a dark and dusty corner of the basement of the New York Central Art supplies some years ago and I was very glad to find a project where it was appropriate.  From my perspective this violet evokes a sense of early evening, a lusciousness and suggestive of the darkness that is to follow. 

Technique: Collagraph  Finished Paper Size: 66cm X 44cm  Ink: Rudolph Faust 

Paper: Fabriano Tiepolo 290gsm  Press: Hilldav  

Six Prints

Maximum Edition: 10